Will Health Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

will health insurance cover dental implants

The question many people ask nowadays is whether will health insurance cover dental implants. The answer to this question is yes, you will get a plan which will cover the cost of getting dental implants, and most plans will also cover some of the other dental work that you might need. Most insurance companies will not cover something like crowns or root canals as they are considered cosmetic treatments and therefore are not covered as such. The reason that they will not cover them is because it is considered a cosmetic treatment rather than a medical treatment and therefore they feel that they cannot cover it.

However, there are other things that your insurance company will cover. If you are in good health and are at least 25 years old, you will almost certainly be able to get the coverage that you need through your health insurance policy. If you have had a pre-existing condition you will have to take out a policy with your insurance company specifically for this condition, but generally this is no more difficult to do than covering any other medical condition.

Dental implants are one type of dental procedure that most insurance policies will cover. If you go to the dentist for a cleaning and restoration, you can expect that your insurance policy will pay for the cost of the cleaning and restoration. The cost of the dental implant itself will depend upon what type of implant you choose and the cost of the dentist to implant it in you. You will also have to make a choice about how much pain you want to be able to handle while your tooth is being replaced. Many dentists will tell you that the less pain you deal with during the procedure, the more likely that you will have success at healing your tooth and that you will be able to use the dentistry procedures you want after the procedure is done.