Will Health Insurance Cover a Breast Reduction?

You may be wondering, "Will health insurance cover a breast reduction?" The answer varies from plan to plan and even from carrier to carrier. However, most health insurance providers do cover this surgical procedure as long as the procedure meets certain criteria. Many policies will cover breast reductions, but you should check with your carrier for details. There are many factors to consider, including your age, your medical history, and any secondary consultations you may need to obtain approval.

will health insurance pay for breast reduction

One thing you should know about health insurance coverage for breast reduction surgery is how to apply for reimbursement. Many policies will only cover certain medical expenses, such as a physical examination, blood tests, and mammogram. The majority of policies only cover a certain percentage of medical costs, so your primary care physician will have to refer you to a plastic surgeon. If you do not have any other insurance, you should talk with your insurance provider to see what they will cover.

If you are suffering from an excessively large breast, a breast reduction can help. Fortunately, Medicare will cover this procedure for eligible patients. It is often a cosmetic surgery, and is considered elective by insurance providers. It is therefore important to check with your insurer about the eligibility criteria for this type of procedure to ensure you receive the coverage you need. The insurance company will ask for documentation from your regular medical doctor or plastic surgeon prior to the procedure. Some plans will also require a second opinion from a different doctor.