Where to Purchase Health Insurance

Where to purchase health care insurance is a frequently asked question by many people, especially if they are already covered under a group health plan or an individual health policy. Many people are wary of asking questions like these because they worry that health care insurance may be too expensive for them. Fortunately, health care insurance does not have to be so expensive; in fact, it can be less expensive than most consumers think!

where to purchase health insurance

The Information Institute, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization, conducted a study on what American citizens currently pay for health care. The institute's research showed that the average American premium for coverage is $isons. This insurance information graphic is ideal for answering common questions patients may have about heath care insurance. The report found that the average monthly premium for "group policies" such as those offered through employer's payrolls, government agencies, and associations was $812. And, the average monthly premium for individuals was $429. These two groups make up the largest portion of the American population.

Many people are wondering where to purchase health insurance and the new health care act has helped answer some of their questions. The new act includes a Health Savings Account (HSA) that allows people to save money for health care bills through regular savings and not-for-profit organizations. Another popular option is to use an Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRAA). Although both options provide options for saving money on premiums, people can choose which option feels most comfortable.