Where to Find Health Insurance For Self-Employed Individuals

Many people are wondering where to find health insurance for self-employed individuals. The answer is Obamacare, which is the government's marketplace. You must fill out an application that requires personal and financial data, such as the number of dependents and the household income, in order to get a quote. Then, you can look at different plans and see which one is right for you. In some cases, you can also get help from a broker.

where to find health insurance

Some states also have their own health insurance marketplaces. For example, the District of Columbia has the DC Health Link, which is run by the federal government. Idaho has YourHealthIdaho. Massachusetts has the Health Connector, while Maine has CoverMe. In Nevada, there is the Nevada Health Link. New Jersey has a similar site, and New York has its own State of Healthcare. In other states, you can use the state-run website to shop for a plan.

There are many options for health insurance. For people who are still unsure, the federal government runs the Plan Finder website. It lets you search for private health plans outside of the Health Insurance Marketplace. This is a great way to find coverage and save money. However, it's important to remember that the federal government only shows you plans that pay a commission. That's why it's worth looking for a plan outside of the marketplace if that's what you need.